Lean Women Juggle it All

Oct 02, 2017

Everyone wants to learn from a person who has been successful at maintaining their fat loss. And why wouldn't you? In addition to sound nutrition and training knowledge, you hope their program is finally "THE ONE", and that their success rubs off on you too.

Successful women make it look super easy to maintain a lean body. And it is for them, but not for you. So you search and search because you know there has to be a better way... a new program, coach or solution that can give you that missing piece! Aren't you fed up with searching and feeling disappointed that their success principles never translate the same for you?

But here's the thing... translating and teaching you how to implement and practice the mindset of successful women is not an easy thing to do if you haven't learned how to teach it, or experienced the same challenges that your clients do. It's a skill set that many coaches are simply not trained in. Anyone can be your cheerleader, your role model, and tell you to be positive. But when you are clearly unhappy with how your body looks, how are you supposed to do that? You don't just snap out of the poor habits, beliefs and self-sabotage that contributed to body fat in the first place!

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Fat Loss is an EMOTIONAL issue at its core, and until you start to address it that way, you will always be stuck in that yo-yo. The biggest limitation to your success has been, is and forever will be… YOU! You’re your own greatest obstacle. BUT… you’re also the most powerful solution there is. To get out of your own way, you need to train your mind at the subconscious level.

Most coaches, programs and strategies miss the mark completely on this CRITICAL factor for fat loss success and long-term sustainability. Seeing, hearing and knowing the things that make others successful is not enough, because you simply haven't been doing those things... have you. There's a huge gap between knowing and actually doing. And when you try to implement new beliefs to support changes in behaviour, your conscious mind reminds you that you aren't good enough or worthy enough. Your ego makes changing hard.

Are diet & training important? Most of the time, yes. But putting food and training first is like trying to keep a beach ball submerged under water. You know eventually it's going to come back up. You worry about finding the time and energy to keep it under water, and still be able to keep yourself afloat. You promise yourself that this time no matter what, you're going to keep that beach ball down... it's exhausting and counter productive. 

And it hits you smack dab in the face! Every time!

That's what resistance from pushing something away from you does.

It's not about having stronger resolve to keep the beach ball down... successful women aren't doing that at all. It's about perspective. The point was never to keep the beach ball down. It was always about going with the current and making sure you are not swimming against it. You don't have to try that hard when you're focused on the right thing. Sure, food might be 80% of the success equation and 20% fitness. But you can't even get to the 80% if your mind is leading with the traditionally ingrained diet road map.

When I was younger, I intuitively knew that my problem wasn't my body, but rather, my mental fortitude. But I was scared to let go of that beach ball... I thought I would gain more weight and just pretty much give up on myself. Hardly! The best thing I ever did was take that giant leap of faith and courage, and finally just let go. It's pretty scary when you're navigating unknown waters alone without your own seasoned internal compass. Knowing what my problem was and not being able to find someone who could teach me the solution was frustrating.

Western fitness, health & wellness industries have only recently starting exploring mindset training at the consumer level, but there is still a great deal of stigma about its effectiveness. It's a shame that the mindset training tools that have proven successful for high performance athletes are only now being filtering down into applications for treating obesity. Successful women may not know that what they effectively do is mindset training... they have programmed themselves with the beliefs that support their healthy behaviours. They mastered it up top and it shows up below.

These same principles can be easily implemented by you! Let’s eliminate your self-imposed limiting beliefs and get you results! Join my Free 7 Day Mindset Training for fat loss success by clicking the button below.


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