This website's for you if you're stuck in the painful roller coaster of trying to drop your excess body fat caused by emotional eating & just KNOW there has to be a more effective way to break free from the cycle!

Hi, I'm Renata! Over my own frustratingly long, 20-year history of emotional eating, I invested a lot of money on books, trainers and programs that didn't work for me, and left me feeling hopeless. I could NEVER follow the program because my emotions would always win and get the best of me.

That is, until I discovered surprisingly simple solutions, that allowed me to finally lose 15+ lbs in a few short weeks.

In the process, I finally drop the body fat that had hurt my confidence and self esteem, and even competed in physique competitions.

Today I'm a Weight Loss Coach and pro at reprogramming the mind & body for success. It's extremely fulfilling for me to share what actually works with women just like you, who share these same frustrations. To support you on your journey, I offer free skill-based training to help you unlock your emotional eating with ease!

To YOUR success

Coach Ren




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